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Concentration in East Asian Cultures

Entrance Requirements

In addition to KU's admission requirements » for graduate study, the department has the following prerequisites:

  • At least two years of an East Asian language, and
  • Two lecture courses dealing with East Asia.

Please note that otherwise well-qualified applicants that do not meet some of the department prerequisites may, in some cases, still be admitted with the understanding that the student will fulfill these prerequisites later, outside of the 30 hours required for the M.A. degree.

Degree Requirements

Students in the East Asian Cultures Concentration shall consider this an interdisciplinary program. They are expected to gain a foundation and establish a focus in some compatible departmental discipline, such as business, economics, history, political science, or another of their choice.

  1. A minimum of 30 graduate credit hours that must include:
    • Third-year language
    • At least 24 credit hours taken in the department while in residence*
    • EALC 700: Introduction to East Asian Studies (If it is offered during the course of the student's study)
    • Students are expected to select one of the East Asian cultures for concentration and to include in their program at least two courses dealing wholly with an East Asian culture outside their concentration
    • No more than 3 hours of directed readings in a language
    • At least one course in the literature or thought of the country of their concentration at the 500-level or above
  2. A thesis (3 credit hours, which may be included in the required 30), which must deal with a subject within the concentration chosen by the student

*Students may, in consultation with the department Director of Graduate Studies, take other credits in a discipline or disciplines closely related to their studies. East Asian area courses are offered in other departments, including the Departments of Anthropology, Geography, History, History of Art, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Linguistics and Theatre. 

For additional information about graduate study in the East Asian Languages & Cultures Department, including a course listing and information about funding opportunities, see the Graduate page of our website. For application information, see Admission, or contact the department's Graduate Program Coordinator, Cari Ann Kreienhop.

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