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French and Italian Degrees

B.A. Option in Italian

French and Italian Major Prerequisite. Majors must complete courses to gain fourth semester language proficiency. These hours do not contribute to the minimum number of hours required for the major.

  • Fourth Semester Proficiency. Satisfied by:

Italian Core Knowledge and Skills. Majors choosing this option must complete courses as indicated in following areas:

  • Composition and Conversation. Satisfied by: 
  • Advanced Composition and Conversation. Satisfied by: 
  • Italian Literature. Satisfied by 2 courses (6 hours) chosen from the following:
  • Literature alternatives:
    may be taken in place of ITAL 301 and/or ITAL 302, by permission of the Italian advisor.
  • Required Electives. Satisfied by 4 courses (12 hours) chosen from the following courses:


One approved 3-credit course offered by another department or program and with significant content related to Italian culture (300-500 level) may be counted toward the Italian BA Option.

Majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad. Please see your advisor about this opportunity.

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