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Medieval and Early Modern Studies Certificate


The purpose of the Graduate certificate program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) is to enhance the interdisciplinary preparation and professionalization of graduate students in a broad spectrum of departments in, or allied to, the Humanities, as well as in the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SLLC).  The certificate provides an opportunity at KU for graduate students to add a concentration in  Medieval Studies, Early Modern Studies, or a combination of both. 

Approved Spring 2019 Course Offerings

HA 511  Seminar in Northern Renaissance Art: Collecting.  Professor Hedemann W 11:00-12:15

This course will examine painting, manuscripts, metalwork, tapestry, ivories, prints, and ephemeral arts—such as the material culture of feasts or the entry processions of rulers into cities—in order to gain insight into the place of the arts in fourteenth-fifteenth century late medieval and Renaissance culture in Northern Europe. In addition to discussion of noble, clerical, and civic patronage and of artistic style, participants in this course will consider such additional topics as artistic production and the development of the art market.


HA 706/935  Seminar in Northern Renaissance Art: Collecting.  Professor Hedemann W 2:30-5:00

This seminar will examine how collections were made, valued, and viewed in Northern Europe in the 14th-16th centuries. We will consider painted altarpieces, tapestries, exquisite manuscripts, printed books, monumental sculpture, and precious goldsmith work within broad contexts. Among the topics we will consider are the ways collections were acquired (whether received as gifts, inherited, or commissioned); the ritual contexts in which collections ranging from secular metalwork to church treasuries were enjoyed; the relationships between collecting and Renaissance self-fashioning and displays of magnificence; agency in the production of collections, and the organization of collections. Through the critical reading of images and objects, historical accounts, and scholarly literature, we will come to a better understanding of the role of artistic collections, collecting, and collectors in late medieval and Renaissance northern European society.

Certificate Requirements: 

The certificate is awarded to M.A. or Ph.D. students who successfully complete 4 graduate-level courses across disciplines (12 credits total) drawn from a list of available courses. Coursework must be approved by a MEMS advisor and include at least one course chosen from outside the student's department. No directed readings or independent studies will be accepted, but rarely-offered courses not listed below may be considered for approval.  The certificate cannot be awarded retroactively; application and enrollment in the certificate by the start of the final course to be counted is strongly advised.

English Courses

ENGL 610 The Literature of England to 1500 

ENGL 620 Renaissance English Literature: _____ 

ENGL 633 Milton 

ENGL 640 British Literature, 1600-1800: _____ 

ENGL 707 Literary Criticism to 1800 

ENGL 710 Introduction to Old English 

ENGL 714 Middle English Literature 

ENGL 720 Chaucer: _____ 

ENGL 725 Shakespeare: _____ 

ENGL 730 Topics in Early Modern Literature: _____ 

ENGL 785 History of the English Language 

ENGL 915 Seminar in Medieval English Literature: _____ 

ENGL 916 Seminar in Chaucer: _____ 

ENGL 920 Seminar in Renaissance English Literature: _____ 

ENGL 932 Seminar in Milton: _____ 
French & Italian Courses

FREN 700 Old French 

FREN 702 Provencal 

FREN 740 Medieval French Literature 

FREN 750 French Literature of the Sixteenth Century 

FREN 763 French Drama of the Seventeenth Century 

FREN 765 Nondramatic French Literature of the Seventeenth Century 

FREN 842 Arthurian Literature in France 

FREN 848 Studies in Medieval French Literature: _____ 

FREN 850 Early Renaissance Literature 

FREN 858 Studies in Sixteenth Century French Literature: _____ 

FREN 868 Studies in Seventeenth Century French Literature: _____ 

ITAL 502 Dante's Divine Comedy I 

ITAL 503 Dante's Divine Comedy II 
History of Art Courses

HA 506 Early Medieval and Romanesque Art 

HA 507 Gothic Art 

HA 510 Medieval Manuscripts and Early Printed Books 

HA 576 Art in the Age of Rubens, Rembrandt and Vermeer: Northern Baroque 

HA 577 Italian Baroque Art 

HA 593 Special Study in Medieval Art: _____ 

HA 594 Special Study in Renaissance Art: _____ 

HA 595 Special Study in Baroque Art: _____ 

HA 920 Seminar in Early Medieval Art: _____ 

HA 925 Seminar in Late Medieval Art: _____ 

HA 935 Seminar in Northern Renaissance Art: _____ 

HA 940 Seminar in 17th Century Art: ______ 
History Courses

HIST 513 Early Medieval Culture 

HIST 515 The Crusades in Cross-Cultural Perspective 

HIST 516 Later Medieval Culture 

HIST 519 European Intellectual History of the Seventeenth Century 

HIST 520 The Age of the Renaissance 

HIST 521 The Age of the Reformation 

HIST 522 The Age of Religious Wars, 1540-1648 

HIST 541 British History, Tudors and Stuarts 

HIST 545 British History from Monarchy to Democracy 

HIST 551 Spain and its Empire, 1450-1700 

HIST 564 Medieval Russia 

HIST 587 Age of Shoguns: Early Modern Japan 

HIST 605 Medieval Japan 

HIST 833 Colloquium in British History, 1500-1660 

HIST 856 Colloquium in Modern European History I - Renaissance to the French Revolution 

HIST 857 Colloquium in Modern European History II - Major Themes in Early Modern History 

HIST 918 Elements of Latin Paleography 

HIST 919 Seminar in Medieval Europe 
Slavic Courses

SLAV 626 The Cultural Impact of Ottoman Empire on the South Slavs 

SLAV 748 Old Church Slavic 

SLAV 820 Old Russian Literature: Beginnings to 1700 
Spanish & Portuguese Courses

SPAN 722 Special Topics in Spanish Literature: _____ 

SPAN 730 Topics in the Literature of 13th- and 14th-Century Iberia: _____ 

SPAN 733 Print Culture in Early Modern Spain 

SPAN 735 Poetry and Sentimental Romance in Fifteenth-Century Castile 

SPAN 739 Topics in Early Modern Spanish Drama: _____ 

SPAN 742 Topics in the Early Modern Spanish Prose: _____ 

SPAN 744 Topics in Early Modern Spanish Poetry: _____ 

SPAN 745 Don Quixote 

SPAN 792 Topics in the Picaresque Novel: _____ 

SPAN 961 Seminar: Medieval Literature: _____ 

SPAN 962 Seminar: Cervantes: _____ 


Current KU Students

A student must be in good standing with their graduate degree program in order to participate in the certificate program. A graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for admission.  The application process entails completing the online application, payment of the $30 application fee, and submitting materials required for the Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) Certificate:

  • A C.V. or Resume
  • A personal statement declaring your interest in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) and its relationship to your graduate course of study and/or career objectives
  • An endorsement from your graduate degree program
  • A KU Advising report in lieu of an official transcript

Online Application

Non-KU students or KU Alumni 

Non-KU students or KU Alumni must have a previously completed advanced degree in an applicable field with a graduate GPA of 3.0 of higher. The application process entails completing the online application, submitting materials required for the Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) Certificate:

  • A C.V. or Resume
  • A personal statement declaring your interest in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) and its relationship to your graduate course of study and/or career objectives
  • Two letters of recommendation from persons familiar with your academic work or potential for graduate study
  • Official transcripts from any institutions where coursework related to study in Medieval and Early Modern Studies was completed

Online Application

Send official sealed transcripts to:

Graduate Admissions
1450 Jayhawk Blvd.
Strong Hall, Room 313
Lawrence, KS  66045



Anne D. Hedeman
Anne D. Hedeman
Judith Harris Murphy Distinguished Professor
Department of Art History
Caroline Jewers
Caroline Jewers
Associate Professor
Department of French & Italian
Cari Ann Kreienhop
Cari Ann Kreienhop
Graduate Academic Advisor

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