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School of Languages, Literatures &Cultures Events Announces Departmental Honors Recipients

Friday, May 29, 2015

For immediate Release:

Lawrence, KS (May 31, 2015) – The University of Kansas School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures (SLLC) announces its Spring 2015 Departmental Honors recipients.

Prior to commencement, the Departments of East Asian Languages & Cultures, French & Italian, Germanic Languages & Literatures, and Slavic Languages & Literatures recognized their students for their achievements during the Spring 2015 semester. A complete list of recipients is posted below.

The KU School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures was established in the fall of last year and will see its official launch on September 1st, 2015. The new school demonstrates the prominence of language and culture offerings at KU. More than 40 different languages are offered through the SLLC, preparing students for global opportunities and enabling them to engage at home and abroad with various languages and understanding of cultural context. Individual benefits range from higher cognitive performance to direct economic benefit through marketable job skills. The SLLC is poised to meet Kansas’ share of the enormous and still-growing national needs for foreign language and cultural competence.

East Asian Languages & Cultures

Confucius Institute Dictionary Award for Diligent Study of Chinese

Hunter Ashley Warner

Logan Sutton

Mallory D Copeland

Laura Jensen Scieszinski

Grace Wan Award for Outstanding Student of Chinese-undergraduate

Mario Vlasic

Beth Fentress

Mary H. Y. & Joseph C. Kuo Chinese Studies Scholarship

Kasey Considine

John E. Niswander Memorial Dictionary Award-Chinese

Garrett Jason Schuman

Patrick Spanier

John E.Niswander Memorial- Dictionary Award-Japanese

Chelsea M. Morris

Alexis A. Butts

John E.Niswander Memorial Award for Excellence-Japanese


John E.Niswander Memorial- Book Award-Korean

Katie Harding

Vann Hassell

John E.Niswander Memorial Award for Excellence-Korean

Kassandra Knoff

EALC Award for Excellence in Tibetan

Hank Mamalis

Andrew T. & Lilly Y. Tsubaki Award-Study Abroad

Monique Ware

Department of French & Italian


Sara Anees

Luke Asher Austin

Morgan Berroth

Cassie Bieszczat

Jamie Bouler

Rhees Carlson

Bernadette Chinn

Emily Cormack

Abigail Fields

Anna-Therese Fowler

Alexander Gabrielli

Garrett Reed Gaddy

Lucy Griffith

Colleen Hagan

Jonathan James

Sarah Larsen

Brianna Leiker

Brian J.  London

Megan Elizabeth Metz

Lauren  Metzler

Matt Miller

Shale Morris

Russell J. Mullin

Molly Norburg

Madeline Olm Shipman

Elizabeth Orr

Jean Orr

James Paisley

Allison Pope

Madeleine Riley

Shoshana Rosen

Kenzie Schuley

Emily Schwerdtfeger

Kateryna Turkalo


Gioia Caruso

Spencer James Crouch

Allison Hammond

Kristen Larsen

Olivia Lynch

Kevin Masella

Brian Miller

Jacob Nemeroff

Lydia Newkirk

Regina Palmeri

Vicky Yanira Reyes

Kaylin Sangimino

Danielle London

Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures

Academic Achievement

Sylas May           

Delta Phi Alpha

Sara Anderson 

Joshua Lodoly

Goethe Zertifikat B2

John Frederickson          

Mitchell Pruett 

Goethe Zertifikat C1

Sara Anderson

Husling Award

Schirin Kourehpazhassanalizadeh            

Knecht Award

Stephanie Wille

MK Fellowship

Stefany VanScoyk           

Outstanding Service to Department

Sara Anderson 

Outstanding Thesis for Departmental Honors

Sara Anderson 

Phi Beta Kappa

Sara Anderson 

Helen Bradley

Mitchell Pruett

Kat Youtsey       

Professional Development Award

Sara Anderson 

Summer Fellowship

Emily Hackmann              

Stefany VanScoyk

Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures

Service to the Department

Matthew Menzenski

Russian Scholar Laureate

Michael Hemphill

Bosnian, Croatian & Serbian

Joseph Cummings

McKinzey Manes

Lauren Cassidy

Natasha Sudac

Outstanding Graduating Major

Wayne Sloan


Caroline Geiger

Lauren Kana

Joy Lominska

Matthew Menzenski

Holly Mills


Aidan Dmitriev

Ruth Remmers

John Isaak Uri

Sebastian Blitt

Taylor Cameron

Josh Dilworth

Katie Johns

Kaitlyn Johnson

Kari McClure

Acacia Quinlan

Traver Ricke

Parker Riley

Nolan Schmidt


Emily Bell

Giulia Cabras

Amanda Snider

Eliza Taitelieva


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