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Slavic Degrees

Undergraduate major concentrations in the Slavic Department include Polish, Russian, and South Slavic: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian.

Undergraduate minors are available in Polish, Russian, South Slavic: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and in Slavic Literatures and Cultures in Translation.

The Masters degree in Slavic Languages and Literatures places almost equal emphasis on Russian literature and Slavic linguistics.  This well-rounded approach allows students to continue on to specialized doctoral study in the areas of Russian literature or Slavic linguistics.  With its focus on both areas, the MA course of study provides students interested in working professionally with Russian in government or other areas with solid language skills and well-rounded training in the field.

Doctoral Study in the department Slavic Languages and Literatures can be tailored to the doctoral student's interests and future research plans.  Doctoral study allow students to pursue a knowledge of a second Slavic language and literature, a minor field, as well as in-depth preparation leading to the doctoral dissertation.


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