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The School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures is fortunate to be able to partner with the Ermal Garinger Academic Resource Center, which allows KU foreign-language and humanities faculty to employ state-of-the art technologies to the production of OERs. Thanks to Open Access and KU ScholarWorks, the University of Kansas makes available and permanently curates resources to promote the study of languages and cultures in addition to providing face-to-face and online language instruction. Many of these materials are produced as Open Educational Resources (OER) and made available to the public at no charge under Creative Commons licensing.

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Open Access is an international movement that has the goal of making peer-reviewed published scholarship available free of charge to the public and to the global scholarly community.
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KU ScholarWorks is the digital repository of the University of Kansas. It contains scholarly work created by KU faculty, staff and students, as well as material from the University Archives.



Here is a brief list of our major OER projects:

Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian Quichua
French Russian
Haitian Creole Slovene
Kiswahili Spanish
Persian Ukrainian
Portuguese Uyghur
Supplementary Materials for Svašta u Mojoj Glavi

These supplementary materials for Svašta u Mojoj Glavi, a young-adult novel in Croatian written by Miro Gavran, aim to provide reading support for a BCS learner with (at least) intermediate level proficiency.

French à la mode

This website has activities for French learners at the beginning (FREN 110 and FREN 120) and intermediate (FREN 230) levels that are intended to be used in it is also suitable for independent study or practice. 

Au Boulot!

Au boulot! is a two-year college French program consisting two textbooks, four workbooks including audio set, and a reference grammar guide.


Chapeau! is a first-year college text. It introduces a large amount of material early on, but the vocabulary and grammatical structures that are expected from students by the end of the year are limited in accord with our notion of a reasonable application of the ACTFL proficiency guidelines.

Tajik Persian: Readings in History, Culture and Society ​

This book seeks to help students develop reading proficiency in Tajik at advanced level through authentic texts written for native speakers and provides them glimpses into the history, culture and society of Tajikistan without losing its focus on cultural aspects of the country—an aspect that constitutes a core component in the second language acquisition. The book can be adopted by instructors as a supplementary or the main textbook for advanced-level courses.

Baticum! Curso avançado de português brasileiro, língua estrangeira, a partir de textos da MPB

Baticum! is a textbook for advanced learners of Brazilian Portuguese. It is divided into several chapters, each with its own table of contents. This record contains the entire work in one file, as well as the work divided into chapters for easier downloading.

Imanalla: An Introduction to Kechwa

Imanalla is a complete curriculum for an introductory Quichua program. It provides college/university students with basic reading, writing, speaking and listening activities in the language, as well as exposure to Quechua culture. It includes a complete audio supplement and leverages the World Wide Web for authentic multimedia and communicative activities.

Kechwa Stories with Audio Supplement

Kechwa Stories is a collection of short passages in Kechwa with accompanying comprehension questions intended for students at the novice level of learning the language.  An audio reading of the story is also provided for work on pronunciation and intonation.

Kechwa-English-Spanish Trilingual Dictionary

This dictionary includes parallel entries for Kechwa, English and Spanish, making it useful for native speakers of all three languages. We hope this dictionary will be useful for translators of academic works, for school teachers, for radio and television producers, and for travelers who want to communicate with the Kechwa speakers throughout the Andes.

Между нами: An Interactive Introduction to Russian!

Между нами is a web-based “textbook” of Russian language and culture. It is organized around the stories and experiences of four American students who spend an academic year in the Russian Federation.

Short Reference Grammar of Standard Slovene​

A reference grammar of the Slovene language designed for advanced-level language users and linguists to compare semantic categories across languages​.


Acceso ​is an open-access, digital learning environment designed to promote the acquisition of Spanish and the development of cultural understanding of the varied groups of people who share Spanish as a common language.

El español en los Estados Unidos

This is a series supplementary materials for beginner level Spanish that focus on issues of cultural identity of Spanish speakers in the United States. They are intended as a bridge between paper-based textbooks and Acceso

Вітає Українська!

Вітає Українська is a resource for intermediate-level Ukrainian that integrates the features of a traditional textbook with the authentic language content and interactivity of the web.

Greetings from the Teklimakan: a Handbook of Modern Uyghur

An introductory textbook of the modern standard Uyghur language with exercises and extensive grammatical analysis. With the accompanying audio, the textbook is designed for self-study or a one-year classroom course.

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