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Major Prerequisites

These courses do not count toward the Russian major requirements, but are prerequisites for further coursework in Russian. Prospective Russian majors (as well as students in Russian, East European and Eurasian Area Studies, and students planning on studying abroad) should complete RUSS 204-208 - Intermediate Russian, rather than RUSS 212-216. Students who have completed 212 and wish to major in Russian should enroll in RUSS 208 for their spring semester.

  • Russ 104-108 - Elementary Russian I-II (or Russ 110) —10 Credits
  • Russ 204 - Intermediate Russian I — 6 Credits

Total — 16 Credits

Course syllabi:  RUSS 104 (pdf),  RUSS 108 (pdf);  RUSS 204 (pdf),  RUSS 208 (pdf)


Major Courses

The 27 Russian total course hours represents the minimum for a major concentration. You may take as many additional hours as you wish, provided that you have fulfilled your KU Core requirements. Discuss the order in which you take the literature and linguistics courses with your advisor, but you must have at least three credit hours in each area. In general the department recommends that students take no more than one course in the SLAV 140-144-148-240 series. The department also recommends that the literature course for the major be chosen from the course offerings at the 500-level or higher.


  • Russ 208 - Intermediate Russian II — 6 Credits
  • Russ 504-508 - Advanced Russian I-II
    Russ 512-516 - Russian for the Professions I-II — 6 Credits
  • 1 course in Russian linguistics — 3 Credits
  • 1 course in Russian literature at the 500-level or above — 3 Credits
  • 3 additional courses in Russian literature, culture, linguistics 
    or advanced Russian language — 9 Credits

Total — 27 Credits

Course syllabi: RUSS 512, RUSS 516

Questions? Contact the undergraduate major advisor for the department.

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